Wednesday, 27 March 2019

How do you choose a brand?

Do you choose for the quality? the costumer support? the price? Do you stick with it when the brand ignores your needs?
With Photography, especially with camera manufacturers I see people defending cameras and products as if they were defending their favorite club or political party, and then fail to provide valid arguments to support it.
When you buy a camera for work you are investing in something to last, “Marry the lens, date the Body” still means that you are stuck with a brand until you decide to lose a lot of money in the trading process.
We know from Biology and Mathematics that the best possible result in an ecosystem is achieved when the parties involved pursuit the best individual solution that also serves the ecosystem, so what does it mean in this case?
I think that if you don't take in consideration the needs of your target buyers when you release a product, you’re just dumping something for the "fanboys" and you are effectively pushing people away. From what I know, Fuji and Sony are in this moment the companies that better listen to their buyers, that I know of, they are the only companies that release new firmware updates that actually bring something extra, costumers know that if a breakthrough in AF or something else is made, there is a fair chance they are going to benefit from it without having to buy the next Camera, and I do believe that is the way to keep your costumers and bring new ones.
On a more personal experience I'm specially disappointed with Nikon because from my understanding if you release a product that doesn't serve its target it's just not a good product. And when you sell something that afterword’s you refuse to improve upon with new firmware it makes me feel like you are just trying to get me to buy the next one. The release of the new z line was for me a disappointment, the technology that Nikon patented the last few years is enough to have released something better. And the lack of innovation in the AF is really a deal breaker for me. Couple this with the price point and…
Also, after using the D500 and the D850 I’m still not convinced. The 3d autofocus is barely usable, my phone does a better job tracking, and for moving targets you are left with single point or group. They work well but they don’t track, I never owned a d4s or d5 but again, for that price I can get a lot more on other brands.
And especially the D500 always felt like a beast in chains, amazing camera but the lack of improvement through firmware updates leaves me with a weird taste in my mouth.

Sooo, I still don’t know but I’m really looking into other options.

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